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region traveling directly there from her tour of southeast asia with the president. she's going to meet with leaders in jerusalem as well as cairo and ramallah. few details have been provided in a news conference an hour ago. >> we are all hoping for a deescalation and we are all hoping for restoration of calm, and we are all hoping to open space, for deeper, broader conversations. >> now, the death and the destruction caused by the crisis stretches across both borders. more than 100 confirmed killed in gaza. four in israel including an israeli soldier who died in a rocket strike today. we want to get more from nbc correspondent, ayman mohyeldin, who joins me from gaza. you reached out to the egyptian authorities about what's taking place, when this deal will be announced. what are you hearing about the possibility of that happening this hour? >> well, right now what we're hearing from egyptian officials
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is that they're still working to finalize that agreement. there are some areas where the gap between the two sides has been narrowed, but there are still some very important issues that have not been addressed. you know, we are talking about trying to solve one of the most complex issues here in gaza. that has to be do with the blockade. there's no indication that israel will try to do that any time soon. they want to try to divide or break up the truce into different stages. first, an immediate cessation of violence on both sides. that could pave the way for talking about some of the more complex issues that both sides want to address. right now, it doesn't seem they're going to go for all of those issues. egyptian officials indicate they're working on a cessation of hostilities in the immediate short term. so that is still the sticking point. they're still meeting with the palestinian factions and we'll understand once secretary of state hillary clinton arrives if that's a defintive response from the israeli side if there's a
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truce. it's not an atmosphere of peace or calm or quiet. over the past hour, several israeli air strikes, several palestinian rockets have been fired out of here. so it's still a very much military zone where we are in gaza. the death toll as you mentioned has reached 130 according to palestinian health officials. more than a thousand civilians have been injured over the course of the last seven days of fighting. >> ayman mohyeldin, thanks so much. joining us from tel aviv is nbc news correspondent martin fletcher. from your perspective, what are israeli authorities saying about the potential of a cease-fire coming this hour? >> reporter: well, you know, the israelis have been saying all along, pouring cold water on to the reports which have come from arab sources that an agreement and a truce was going to be signed this evening. there was one radio report that said senior israeli officials said it would happen, but otherwise, there's been silence. the only thing that's come out from the israeli sources is that
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the deal is not wrapped up and that there is still a long way to go. very important issue. as ayman mentioned. i think the key is the sound bite from prime minister netanyahu. he's calling for a long-term solution through diplomatic means if possible. what he means if it isn't possible there's still the ground force invasion on the ground, it's still an option until that's a deal. there isn't yet a deal. it very close, it appears, but it appears it's not as close as the sources who are saying that it would be signed and announcing gaza or in cairo within an hour or so. that does not appear to be the case now. with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton arriving within an hour or two here in israel and then going straight into the meeting with prime minister netanyahu in jerusalem. what they're discussing is the last minute glitches but those glitches are significant. israel says without a long-term solution, there's no point signing an agreement. they'd rather stick with what they have got, which includes still the option of a ground
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invasion, if there's no agreement. at the moment, although there's been plenty of talk of it, there's no real final agreement yet, thomas. >> reservist troops are on the border with gaza. what have you heard about the fact that israel wanted to see a 24-hour period of quiet before going ahead with a cease-fire or termination truce? >> reporter: well, yeah, there was talk that israel had given a 24-hour deadline saying there's no agreement within 24 hours then a ground invasion would happen. there were some reports of that. i think more likely they're calling it a lull. a lull in fighting. that's what the word that is being used is. but you see, israel is not interested in the lull in fighting. what they want is a final agreement. but instead of say -- the sources are saying that the lull in fighting simply allows, would allow hamas which has suffered tremendous damage from israel's more than 1,100, 1,200 air raids it would allow them to collect
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themselves again. if the fighting continues, hamas would be in a stronger position. israel wants to deal. if there's no deal, then as they keep saying, all options are still open. >> martin fletcher reporting from tel aviv, thanks so much. we want to bring in our political panel. we have nationally syndicated radio talk show host and msnbc contributor michael and perry bacon, political editor. yes men, great to have you here. it seems that every president in modern times has had to deal with the tensions that flair up within the middle east. they always try to talk about overseeing a long-term cease-fire. as we should on the brink of those discussions right now, between gaza and israel, what is the broader impact of the idea that not only will there be a cease-fire, but the fact that israel's neighbors will verify their right to exist, which is
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the longer formatted problem? >> well, yeah, i think we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. i think the first step is to cease hostilities. i think that the state department has already said that's step one for secretary of state clinton's arrival there. whether or not hamas can be brought to that point where they acknowledge israel's right to exist would be just a colossal, colossal milestone in the peace process. but it's not at all clear that that is going to happen. or that hamas has gotten to that point yet. i think hamas over -- since 1987 has been actually even though it's still classified as a terrorist organization has been going through a long process of leg legitimizing itself. whether it wants to be a regional player that can peacefully coexist with israel is going to be a real test for this administration. >> so as we speak about that, the white house officials there saying that the decision was made this morning to send secretary of state hillary clinton to the middle east. we want to play part of what the president's deputy national
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security adviser had to say about what the secretary hopes to accomplish. take a listen. >> secretary clinton will emphasize the united states' interest in a peaceful outcome that protects and enhances israel security and regional stability. and now an outcome that can lead to improved conditions for the civilian residents of gaza. >> so perry, are you surprised that the president waited this long to send secretary clinton in? obviously coming off the heels of the election and there was a lot of press attention brought to strained relations or strained perceived relations between benjamin netanyahu and president obama. >> i'm not surprised. i don't think it took too long necessarily. i mean, secretary clinton going now. the president has made three calls to the egyptian president while he's be on this trip to asia. i think they're very actively very involved in the situation there. i think they have shown the energy that they need to, considering how complicated and important it is. >> conservative groups, they spent millions of dollars during the campaign to paint the
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president as someone who is hostile to israel. certainly playing up there's a personal tension between president obama and benjamin netanyahu. so is the president obama's response to the latest crisis, will that blunt criticism, that they were fast to respond? >> you know, the issue that you raise was a large part of the campaign. i was always of the opinion that apart from the muster between the romney position and the obama position, that there was actually very little difference. i thought in the third debate the foreign policy debate that was hosted by bob schieffer that became effort. look at how the president is handling it as compared to how governor romney would have handled it. i don't know there was that much daylight between them. i think the president has a renewed option to start that peace process again. because too much time has gone off the clock without serious conversation and you would hope that a cease-fire in gaza would
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cause a redirection of efforts towards the west bank and try and at least put that process back on track. >> when we talk about what's going on with egypt, the united states annually gives roughly $2 billion to egypt and something that senator graham made clear over the weekend is to remind egypt everyone is watching their steps. >> egypt, watch what you do and how you do it. you're teetering with the congress on having your aid cut off if you keep inciting violence between the israelis and the palestinians. >> so is this a big test for morsi to prove not only that they are a partner to the united states, but an ally moving forward? >> well, they have been a treaty ally since '79. there's roughly $2 billion in aid given to egypt every year. $2 billion isn't quite what it used to be. so if this is the one piece of
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leverage that we have over egypt, that's not going to work. what we -- >> even in an economy that's totally failing and upside down for egypt, it's -- $2 billion is not an incentive to want to play nice? >> i don't think that it is the only factor that will get mohamed morsi to be an honest broker in the region. i think it's much -- it would be a much better bet to appeal to his sense of wanting to be a statesman. wanting to be a responsible actor, wanting to be -- to live up to the stature of everything that egypt can be in the community of nations. i think threatening mohamed morsi in that way of all the things that are going to motivate him, i'm not sure threats like that, that we are going to take away $2 billion which again, i would say yes, it's a difficult economy. but it's not quite what it used to be. >> what about the imf and the $4.8 billion they have in reserves potentially for egypt? i mean, it's a linchpin of cash that could flow their way or not. >> again, these are all
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complicated issues. i still am not sure that threatening mohamed morsi is the way to get what you want done. >> so we reported yesterday senator mccain suggested sending former president clinton to negotiate a longer deal. he could be an honest broker that brought a lot of leverage and graf aas the to it. i spoke to debbie wasserman schultz earlier. >> i think president clinton would agree that secretary clinton is the right person at the right time to bring the hostilities to a conclusion and bring the two sides back to the table, to begin negotiations anew. >> so from what you're hearing inside your sources, obviously john mccain is making a lot of waves when it comes to foreign policy opinion, we're hearing there from the congresswoman that she thinks that secretary
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of state clinton is the perfect person for this. why do you think senator mccain would suggest sending president clinton into the region? is it headline grabbing? >> is it headline grabbing. look, bill clinton might do a good job there. nothing against bill clinton, it just seems early this the process, why not allow the secretary of state, for that matter the president to take care of it instead. i think it's premature. maybe later on as we get further down the path, but i'm not sure what the purpose was right there from senator mccain. >> michael, much has been happening behind the scene, these discussions about a cease-fire. so if that piece is reached and reached, you know, later this afternoon, early into tonight, how much credit do you think that the u.s. can claim in all that? the secretary of state is on her way there, the president has made all the overnight phone calls to speak with morsi, to oversee this process. >> well, i think by your description and your reporting that the president has been
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pretty hands on in this process thus far. and therefore, if it resolves with the cease-fire, i think they're deserving of some credit. the challenge though becomes -- i don't want to presuppose there will be a cease-fire. but if we get one, you have to use it as a springboard to bring people to the table to achieve a more lasting peace not only in gaza but the west bank. >> jim, really quickly, talking about the legitimacy of hamas, how much -- how much progress have they made in doing that? as we talk about them, they are widely known as a terrorist organization. they are not somebody that the secretary of state or the president is going to reach out to. they'll use morsi as a conduit to do that. >> that's an on going discussion about whether or not the united states should engage hamas directly at all. they have strained relations with fatah and the west bank, palestinian authority government.
11:14 am
but i think one of the things we have to reckon with like iran, hamas is a power in the region. it's not going away. so i think that there are some real crucial questions to answer whether or not hamas can be brought to the legitimate bargaining table. but they have demonstrated over 15 years or so a slow and creeping desire to be part of the process. not simply to destroy israel, but they have grown to like being part of a power structure where they're able to chart the path and the future of their own people. >> but in doing this, do they jeopardize that legitimacy by striking out at israel? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. there are contradictions woven throughout this. this is one of the reasons that there's a precondition to bring them to the table that the rockets has to stop. there's huge amounts of contradictions in the way hamas acts even as we speak.
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>> gentlemen, thank you very much. word of warning from ben bernanke, we could see a recession as soon as next year. up next, i want to talk to senator bernie sanders from vermont about the latest from fiscal cliff negotiations. he's got a great op-ed up on politico. plus, four men are charged with trying to join al qaeda and have a violent jihad against americans abroad. join our conversation on twitter. find us at news nation. back after this. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan...
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federal reserve chairman ben bernanke warned congress and the obama administration to avoid
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the so-called fiscal cliff. speaking to the economic club of new york, he talked of the devastating effect on the economy if the combination of automatic tax increases and budget cuts kick in come january 1st. now, bernanke said the uncertainty has been holding back spending and investment. nbc's luke russert joins us live with more on this. so when congress returns, what is the immediate agenda? because as we know, time is running short. >> time is running short, thomas, and that january 1st deadline for the fiscal cliff becomes more alarming as each day goes by. but there have been negotiations behind closed doors sort of opening-level talks if you will that have been going on this week between staffs of the white house and staffs of the capitol hill close to the gop leadership. what the goal is from folks that i have spoken to that is by perhaps mid december, they can reach some sort of agreement in terms of what the overall number would be for a fiscal cliff deal. the idea is that once they get the number, then they can move
11:20 am
forward with some sort of immediate package that would satisfy folks in the business community, as well as small businesses so they there would not be a lot of pain from going off the fiscal cliff in the immediate terms but that somehow in 2013 you'd have tax and entitlement reform. there would be an agreement that say, look, here is where we're going on the tax cuts but in exchange for that we'll have some sort of mechanism in place that by some time in 2013 we're going to hit tax reform and entitlement reform at these levels, set at these numbers that come in in agreement in the middle of december. if you don't have that, it gets tougher as each day goes by and these issues from folks i have spoken to on both sides are difficult to do in a lame duck. the best you can get in a lame duck is a broad outline and top number. >> so when we try to look into the new year and there are people that hope for something big and bold, the better prediction is the fact that this
11:21 am
is going to more can kicking down the road. maybe something of six months, that kind of nature? >> in its immediacy, yes. however, there's a belief on both sides they have to do something big eventually. it's just north going to come though in the lame duck session. there's simply not enough time to do that. you can get the framework towards it. but you can't get the entire thing done in total completion. that's why the discussions that are ongoing are very important because if they are not fruit. and as we saw this -- remember, we saw this come around during the supercommittee. this sort of back and forth, well, we're taking out our positions. the longer they stake out their position, they don't have constructive conversations as to what they can do. the less chance there is for a deal. >> what is the likelihood life can be breathed back into simpson-bowl simpson-bowles? >> it's certainly possible, but what we are seeing right now, i think from conversations with both sides is this idea that,
11:22 am
all right, we saved the tax cuts making 250 or below. we have to figure out what happens to the top number, whether or not we close tax corporate loopholes and then after we figure that out, we can have a meaningful discussion about entitlements and tax reform. simpson-bowles has proponents on both sides but i suspect once you get into the discussions between speaker boehner and president obama's team, what you will see is a promise from the white house regarding entitlements and some sort of promise from speaker boehner about the top tax rate. we don't know how quickly they can get anywhere. >> thank you, luke. i want to bring in senator bernie sanders of vermont, an independent who caucuses with the democrats and he serves on the senate budget committee in congress, joint economic committee. you wrote an op-ed piece in politico saying that we must not balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor. but you say sadly enough that's the approach virtually all republicans and certain
11:23 am
democrats will be advocating. how is that? >> and you just heard your media pundit tell you the same thing. look, in america today you have the most uneven distribution of wealth and income of any major country on earth. you have the top 1% owning 42% of the wealth. the bottom 60% own 2.3% of the wealth. so first question is who should bear the burden? of austerity. do you really go after medicare, medicaid, social security, nutrition programs? do you really want to throw kids off of medicaid, force elderly people who are struggling to stay alive to pay more for medicare or do you ask millionaires and billionaires who have done phenomenally well, whose effective tax rate as warren buffett reminds us is quite low. second of all, i think washington and the beltway is way out of touch with the american people on this issue. thomas, every single poll that i
11:24 am
have seen says that we should ask the wealthy to start paying their fair share. one out of four major corporations pay zero in taxes. we're losing $100 billion every year because the wealthy and large corporations stash their money in the cayman islands. do you think we should go after ordinary people who are hurting in the recession or ask the wealthiest people and around large corporations to pay their fair share? the american people have been clear about this. this election told us something about this. >> senator, you say in your op-ed piece that congress must address the deficit situation and the fiscal cliff in a way that is fair. what proposal do you have moving forward knowing the way that the hill works right now? what do you think could work best to do something with that front? >> well, you see when you say knowing the way the hill works, what you're really saying knowing that the hill is dominated by campaign
11:25 am
contributors, lobbyists and wealthy individuals. what can we accomplish? well, that's one way of looking at it, thomas. the other way of looking at it is very radical. do what the american people want. have the president go out to every -- to the red states. if you go to oklahoma or mississippi and you ask people in those states, should we continue to give tax breaks to billionaires and cut social security, medicare and medicaid, you know what will they say in the reddest of red states? that's crazy, we shouldn't do it. in the last two budget negotiations in 2010 and 2011 democrats made huge concessions. extended bush's tax breaks for the rich, lowered the estate tax for the wealthiest people. what the democratic leadership has to make clear, this time we'll represent ordinary people, the vast majority of the people and we are going to ask for some austerity and sacrifice from our wall street friends and corporate america. >> senator sanders, thank you.
11:26 am
>> good to be with you. coming up, tea party freshman allen west giving up trying to stay in congress after a two-week recount battle in florida. plus, cory booker asks one of his twitter followers to join him in a food stamp test. into their work,
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florida congressman allen west has conceded to patrick murray after two weeks of partial recounts and accusations that the vote count was unfair. west released a statement saying that though there are inaccuracies in the results his legal team does not believe there are enough votes to change the outcome of the election. allen outspent murphy four to one in the most expensive congressional races in american
11:30 am
history. up next, more on the breaking news out of the middle east and a cease-fire may be near. i'll talk with an israeli ambassador. plus, a house explosion that killed two people earlier this week is now being investigated as a homicide. ouncer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? welcome back, everybody. we continue to follow the breaking news from northeast. various reports that some sort of cease-fire will be announced this evening between israel and hamas. the framework for a deal is in place and that it now boils down to the language. all of this playing out behind the scenes in egypt and that's where we find nbc's jim maceda. he's on the gaza border. we know that secretary of state clinton is expected to arrive to help with the negotiations. what more do we know about the specifics of what may be the framework so far? >> reporter: hi there, thomas.
11:34 am
you're right i'm on the border and i have to say in the last hour and a half we have been here, we have heard a good dozen explosions. there haven't been any sounds of planes flying overheard, so we assumed these were gun boats or tanks. but they are loud. they are just inside the southern gaza border. we are on the egyptian side of the boarder. even if they are close to peace, there's still a major prosecution of war going on. in terms of the demands, we know what we have heard, what's been leaked over the past 24 hours in terms of the demands, and it seems like both sides must still be at logger heads if you put the two lists of demands together. israel of course is calling for an end to the rocket attacks and especially to border -- cross border attacks which has been a real problem for them. hamas on the other hand is saying that the war will
11:35 am
continue. and that the deliberation of palestine will go on, despite what comes out of the talks. so you have got israel asking for the end of rocket fire. they want to -- they're calling for an end of all smuggling. transfer of weapon to gaza. and that they insist that israel will be able to hunt down terrorists, what they call terrorists if there are more attacks, even after the cease-fire deal, and there's even intelligence of an imminent attack, hamas, we understand, is still sticking to the listing of the siege, especially the naval blockade and calling for an end to the targeted killings. both sides want international guarantees. that's one of the reasons why we're seeing high profile people in the region now like hillary clinton.
11:36 am
>> nbc's jim maceda, stay safe. joining me in the studio is a journalist who was born in israel. great to have you here, and as you watch the developments unfold as we are on the precipice of a cease-fire, developed by mohamed morsi, overseen by secretary of state clinton going to the region. when we talk of a cease-fire, that would be great. but what is the forecast for long-term implementation of whatever deal is worked out? because it's like we reinvent the wheel on this every few years. >> let's talk about the elephant in the room, which is why this crisis escalated and keeps escalating over and over. we have the same operation in 2008. we had it in 2006. but it was with the hezbollah in lo lebanon and it keeps going on and the big elephant in the room is the occupation. hamas and gaza, the situation,
11:37 am
the conflict will go on until three million and a half palestinians will have a political settlements that will give them freedom and dignity and democracy. and netanyahu by trying to push, you know, the winners of this war in the end of the day are netanyahu who has an election in 22nd of january and he'll win it, and hamas is another winner. they are playing this card of we are the challenger of israel and we get them to talk to us no matter what. they already negotiated with them many times. they negotiated and the guy killed by israel was one of the brokers actually of israel. they negotiated together over and over in the years and at the end of the day, israel decide to kill them. >> so is this from the perspective as we watch both sides trying to flex their muscle of legitimacy? benjamin netanyahu saying i
11:38 am
should be re-elected in january because i represent the strength of israel and hamas trying to legitimize itself. >> it's a dirty political, cynical game that both sides, hamas and israel are playing. the palestinian authority asked over and over to negotiate. they agreed on every demand that israel asked. security. control the extremists in the west bank. and they got nothing, nothing. the only thing they were humiliated actually because they got more and moreland eaten up and more settlement built in the west bank. in the future territory, you know, you have in the same cities, bethlehem, you have the hebron, you have settlers that they -- settlers sent by israel to live there and they are subjected to civil law. palestinians are their neighbors
11:39 am
subjected to martial law. they have roads that connect them to israel and nobody allowed to move on those bypass roads except israelis. you have a state within a state. that complicates the situation. >> real quickly though, it's hard to ask these questions real quickly for real quick answers. involved questions but the fact that hamas wants to instigate a ground war to draw israelis in, on the border -- >> both sides want that war. that war will help the likud to win the election and it will help hamas to -- to actually take more palestinians into their camp. you know, this poisonous relationship a cycle of violence that's been continuing over the years. but the real issue, do we want to face the palestinian question and give them some kind of political settlement or not? until that is answered and until that question is answered we will continue seeing over and over actions of hamas started, now israel start and violence erupting in the region.
11:40 am
>> the generations of children in this turmoil and hatred and conflict, it's a cycle. >> they call it, you know, cut the grass. that they're doing is fertilizing. more hatred and more violence in both sides. >> rula, thank you for being here. our nbc news team wrote that this crisis could become a giant political hot potato for the president. we will talk more about that. so the president has kept a close eye on this situation while he's been on that visit through asia, making repeated calls to benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister and keeping close contact with the egyptian president, morsi, who is overseeing some type of cease-fire and now we know that hillary clinton is being dispatched to the region. for the president, how important of a diplomatic crisis is this to come out looking as if the
11:41 am
u.s. was able to broker and help with the cease-fire of what we have been watching over the last week? >> it's kind of a necessary role for the united states where it's trying to figure out the new geopolitical landscape. how is iran factoring into hamas? with the israeli elections about to happen, you know, what is the new and post-u.s. election what is the new geopolitical landscape. so the united states really cannot afford to have another hot bed, potential big, big problem on its hands again in the middle east with israeli/palestinian relationship. so, you know, the united states has to play a crucial role. the president understands that. and that's why you see secretary of state clinton there. >> the money that the u.s. promises in aid to egypt, $2 billion is that enough leverage to be able to keep mohamed morsi overseeing this
11:42 am
process and peace in the region, continuing not only to be a partner to the u.s., but once again considered an ally? >> well, we have seen a difference between the public rhetoric of morsi and the muslim brotherhood run government in egypt and what it knows behind the scenes, what's known on the behind the scenes, egypt being a key player in trying to negotiate at least a cease-fire in the region. because they know that they have the -- the big card it does have is that billion-plus dollars in aid that goes -- that goes to egypt. now, the u.s. still has a close relationship with the egyptian military and that's why you see, you know, morsi having to play his own political game to try to figure out what kind of role he can play, keep the u.s. at least if not happy, pacified. and not see this thing blow up
11:43 am
on its watch. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks, thomas. the actor who plays elmo is leaving "sesame street." ♪ [ male announcer ] are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. so don't wait. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you... with unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call today to learn about the kinds of coverage we offer, including aarp medicarecomplete plans insured through unitedhealthcare. these medicare advantage plans can combine parts a and b,
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we want to keep you up to speed on the breaking news out of the middle east. a cease-fire between israel and hamas could come as ly as this evening. we want to bring in israel's ambassador to the u.s. ambassador, great to have you with us. let's start straight out of the gate with what we have been reporting is the secretary of state hillary clinton expected to be in the region. landing in jerusalem at any moment to meet with prime minister netanyahu. what more insight can you share with us about what will be discussed? >> well, good to be with you too, thomas. yes, secretary of state clinton is arriving, the secretary-general of the united nations ban ki moon was talking with prime minister netanyahu about the possibility of a cease-fire. right now, hamas has increased its firing on israel. almost 150 rockets fired just
11:47 am
today. two of our citizens have been killed just today. so i cannot tell you whether that cease-fire is within reach. we want an end to all of the shooting from hamas. we have had now 5 1/2 million israelis under fire for seven days. that's well over half of our population under rocket fire. something in the vicinity of 1,500 rockets fired at them over the course of the last seven days. and we want a long-term solution. so that we don't find ourselves back in the situation in another month or another week where the terrorist can decide to shoot at us at will. >> as you report on what deaths are being realized today inside israel, ayman mohyeldin is reporting that there are 130 dead, up to 1,000 injured so far in the rocket blasts that have gone back from israel because of what hamas instigated. as we know they did fire first. that is the onus on israel to
11:48 am
recognize its part in moving forward? that there is a deal brokered that israel needs to display the leadership necessary to keep everyone intact? >> i think the onus is squarely on the shoulders of hamas here. israelis are minding their own business, they were sending their kids to school, leading their lives and all of a sudden, hundreds and ultimately thousands of rockets are falling down on their neighborhoods and homes. they have to agree to a long-term solution that can be mediated by the united states and others -- other international actors, but to guarantee the peace. israel is not attacking hamas. there's no moral equivalency here. it's not a two-way street. it's a one-way street and hamas has go down the street of cease-fire and long-term solutions. >> sir, britain's chief rabbi jonathan sax has told the bbc he believes iran has a lot to do
11:49 am
with the violence that's playing out between israel and gaza. now he didn't know what he said was live going out over the air when he said it. nonetheless, it is what he felt at the time. do you feel that iran has a greater role in this conflict besides what we do know about the fact they have been act to supply weapons to hamas and into gaza? >> well, i think rabbi sacks is right. gaza is essentially an outpost of iran. hamas is supplied by iran. it receives funding from iran. islamic jihad the second largest terrorist organization in gaza is actually wholly owned and directed by iran, as are several smaller terrorist organizations there. so yes, this is in a way a proxy conflict with iran. >> ambassador, thank you for taking time with me today. we are continuing to wait and for -- for word of a cease-fire deal being brokered. we appreciate you taking time out for us. >> thank you. the fbi uncovers an alleged
11:50 am
plot to kill americans overseas and that tops our look at stories around the news nation today. four southern california men have been charged with conspiring to engage in violent jihad. the fbi says the men were planning to join al qaeda and they were planning to bomb the facilities and public places. the indianapolis house explosion is now considered a homicide investigation. federal authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information in the case. a fierce storm has brought floods, winds and heavy rains to oregon and washington state. at least one death has been blamed on the storm. 50,000 people are currently without power there. kevin clash, behind the elmo character on "sesame street" has resigned. this comes after a second person has come forward with a lawsuit accusing clash of having sex with him when he was underage. now, in a statement "sesame
11:51 am
street" workshops says the allegations against clash had become a distraction. next in today's news nation, do you think egypt can convince hamas to stop firing on israel? how you can weigh in coming up next. and san francisco lawmakers will vote on a ban in nudity in public places. one of the things we thought you should know. yeah, you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade.
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all right. so there's a lot going on today. here are some of the things we thought you should know. in two hours, san francisco lawmakers will vote on an ordinance that would ban nudity in most public places. public nudity has become a controversial issue in the city's castro district where some men routinely walk around naked. the ban would not apply to street fairs or parades. yeah. newark, new jersey, mayor, cory booker is set to live at least a week on food stamps. he challenged one of his twitter followers do the same thing after she responded town with of his tweets by saying that nutrition is not a
11:55 am
responsibility of the government. booker says feeding a family on food stamps is not easy. no word on when this challenge will take place. and president obama wished vice president biden happy birthday via twitter. he turns 70 today. those are just some of the things we should know. right now we are awaiting secretary of state clinton to arrive for a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. that meeting taking place in jerusalem. meanwhile, an egyptian brokered cease-fire between israel and the islamic militant group hamas is reportedly imminent. it follows seven days of relentless rocket attacks, air strikes, back and forth by the two sides that reportedly killed four israelis and they say that hamas has fired 1,000 lockrocken
11:56 am
the past week. c go on and cast your vote if they can stop firing on them. thank you for your time. "the cycle" comes your way next. , we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit breaking news right now. i'm s.e. cupp. a cease-fire appears imminent. >> and an early look at the forecast for washington, d.c. looks stormy and cloudy with a chance of pain. fiscal cliff, slope, mood dice chief economist said it's a long way down. >> i'm crystal ball, let the campaign begin. why though is president obama headed back out on the trail now? >> they still dream of getting the whalers back some day, but for today, we'll talk expectations for the president's second
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